Online Banking

If you wish to excute money transfer, you have the following choices: E-Banking system which provides you direct access from, Your Smartphone.

Sending a secur e-mail to PLG Capital Bank with your transfer instructions.

To make a transfer or recive funds by the SWIFT system, our clients simply need to know their IBAN number and the IBAN number of the receiver. The IBAN nurber (International Bank Account Number) specifies the elements of the banking account number of the beneficiary.

The transfer of fund through the SWIFT system between PLG Capital Bank and partner banks can take few hours depending on the countru of destiontion or the orgin of the funds.

The fees to make transfers whth PLG Capital Bank are extremely competitive.

Your account will provide you with the following benfits:

High protection: data integrity and privacy.
Enhanced pridessing effciency: efficient exhange of online
information and data. without wasting time waiting for paper reports.
Peace of mind with the quality of our online transfer services

For then consecutive years (from 2010 to 2019), PLG Capital Bank has been proudly rewarded by Deutsche Bank nad J.P Morgan for the excellent quality of its SWIFT US Dollar payments.

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Corporate Banking
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Smart phone banking
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Whether online, via phone or in person, PLG Capital Bank is always there when you need us. We aim to provide a seamless banking experience that allows you to conduct your business anywhere in the world.

Manage Your Money

View balances and transfer money between bank accounts, set up account alerts, access online statements and over a secure platform.
• Monitor Account Status - Access key information about your bank accounts, such as current accounts balances, recent transactions and information on credit card activity. You can quickly view, download, and print - all online.
• Transfer Money - Move money between your bank accounts or send outbound wires to other financial institutions. You can easily pay a bank credit card or loan account.
• Set Up Account Alerts - Want to know when your balance is low or a payment is due? Set up Account Alerts and reminders for the information that's most important to you.
• Manage Online Statements - Keep track of your finances so you can manage and control your spending.

Deposit Checks Online

Deposit checks from home or on the go with PLG's Online Banking System. Now you can deposit checks online easily, securely and electronically whenever you want. All it takes is the camera on your smartphone or a computer with a scanner.

Pay Bills

Paying bills has never been easier, faster or more secure with online Bill Pay. Simply log in and pay bills online in minutes, on your schedule, without writing checks, or visiting multiple websites you need to make payments to.
• Pay bills the secure way – Online and on time – it’s safe and simple. Just tell us who, when and how much to pay. We’ll take care of the rest, and our Online Banking Security measures and Online Risk-Free Guarantee will protect all of your transactions.
• Pay fast if you need to - Missing a due date can have serious consequences. To help you avoid stress, late fees and potential downgrades on your credit rating, our convenient new Express Delivery option can get the money there on the same day or overnight.
• Stay in control - When you pay bills online, you're always in control. Set up recurring electronic payments (or checks) to be delivered on the date you choose. If you change your mind, you can edit or cancel any payment up to the time it'’'s in process.

Send Money

PLG's Online Banking System is the fast, safe, convenient way to send money to anyone with a bank account.
• Setup – You schedule a payment via PLG'’'s Banking System Online or Mobile, using your recipient's email, mobile number or account information.
• Notification - Your recipient receives an email or text message notifying it that the payment has been sent.
• Acceptance - Your recipient completes a one - time registration with our third-party partner and accepts the payment* (* – only required when you use an email or mobile number).
• Deposit - Money is deposited in the recipient's account. You choose how fast - Instant, Next-Day or free Standard Delivery* (*fees apply).